Launch Team Earth - the most sustainable cycling team in the world

The project was developed by Daan Luijkx and GR8 Industries

October 5th, 2016 — Ex professional cycler and founder/CEO of the Vacansoleil-DCM World Tour team, Daan Luijkx, launches Team Earth. In 2018 this international Pro Cycling squad will take to the road with a distinctive identity and a broad partner base instead of one or two main sponsors. Daan Luijkx: “With Team Earth Pro Cycling and its partners, I want to do my best to promote sustainability and well-being. A professional sports team - and a professional cycling team especially - is a fantastic platform to bring attention to our relationship with nature and our health. Attention to the possibility for people, planet and profit to coexist.”

After half a year of preparation, during which he developed the project with GR8 Industries, Luijkx handed the first Team Earth jersey to Al Gore during the Inspiration-360 congress in Amsterdam yesterday. “Gore has created an exceptional platform to promote sustainability. As a young father, his work really resonates with me. I have a great deal of respect for the impact he has. As Team Earth, we want to help make people conscious of the effects that their actions have on the environment and their bodies. This is our priority,” Luijkx says.

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As an entrepreneur and an accountant, Luijkx truly knows the elements necessary to build a sustainable business. “Invest in people and the community, and you will be successful. Be proud of what you do and give back. This is how Team Earth will operate. In our first meetings, major multinationals have shown great interest and really support our approach.”

The most sustainable cycling team in the world 

Team Earth Pro Cycling 

Luijkx has invested in the new concept himself, as he sees how necessary it is to change professional cycling’s organisational structure. “Team Earth will strive to be the most sustainable cycling team ever. That goal will determine the products we choose to use, the composition of our broad partner base — which decreases risks and makes our team more robust — and the solid reputation we are investing in. With this aim, I hope to set a new standard for cycling teams, based around a unique identity, social responsibility, and more independence. This is a long-term project that will require careful building. We don’t want to rush.”


Team Earth is in talks with several multinationals that are well aligned with its vision and hopes to announce the first of six equal partners in the spring of 2017.

About Daan Luijkx

Daan Luijkx (1966, the Netherlands) is a former professional cyclist. After his career, which included stints with teams such as TVM, he studied at the HEAO in Breda, before rounding off his education with a degree in Business Economics and Accounting at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. He founded H&L Accountants & Belastingadviseurs in 2000, where he remains one of the owners still today. His love for cycling brought him back to the sport in 2004, when he served as the chairman of Willebrord Wil Vooruit. In 2005, this club launched a semi-professional team for young talents, which grew into Vacansoleil Pro Cycling in 2009. In 2011, this team, which had since been renamed Vacansoleil-DCM, made the step up to the World Tour. At the end of 2013, the team folded, because the title sponsor had achieved its objectives in the sport.


About GR8 Industries

GR8 Industries is a specialised sponsorship, PR, and social media agency. They support organisations who choose to pursue sponsorships as a way to create stories and reach people’s hearts. GR8 Industries develops strategic and creative concepts for these partnerships. Social media and PR are primarily used to communicate with target audiences.

About Team Earth

Following his success with the Vacansoleil-DCM cycling team, Daan Luijkx has a new mission. He is founding a sustainable World Tour team. A team which is financially stable on the one hand - and therefore financially sustainable. And which will also tell a sustainable story: if we want to protect the earth’s beauty for future generations, we have to change our ways. Team Earth will revolutionise professional cycling. Unlike most teams, which depend on one or two primary sponsors, Team Earth will bring together up to six partners who firmly believe in corporate social responsibility. Team Earth will be a unique platform which will draw the attention of a worldwide audience towards sustainability. As such Team Earth will also be a fantastic platform for its partners, as it will reach billions of people who support cycling and sustainability all over the world. Furthermore, it will offer a diversity of solutions to the challenges its partners face, from an exclusive network focused on sustainability to the unmatched allure of professional bike racing, with riders who are very willing to cooperate with partners. Team Earth will be an alliance that brings a cycling team and its partners together to participate in a unique story that will become world renowned.

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About Team Earth

Na zijn succes met de Vacansoleil-DCM wielerploeg heeft Daan Luijkx een nieuwe missie. Een World Tour wielerploeg bouwen die duurzaam is. Duurzaam gefinancierd enerzijds. En anderzijds met een duurzame boodschap: als we de schoonheid van de aarde willen behouden voor de generaties na ons, dan zullen we er anders mee om moeten gaan. Team Earth is de naam van een revolutionaire wielerploeg. Niet zoals de meeste fietsploegen afhankelijk van één of twee hoofdsponsors. Maar met maximaal zes partners die duurzaamheid tot een belangrijke missie hebben. Team Earth is een uniek platform dat een wereldwijd publiek gaat betrekken bij sustainability. Daarmee vormt Team Earth een prachtig podium voor haar partners. Want naast het bereiken van miljarden wieler- én duurzaamheidsfans in de wereld, biedt Team Earth diverse oplossingen voor de uitdagingen die de partners hebben. Een zeer exclusief netwerk op het gebied van duurzaamheid, de ongekende aantrekkingskracht van de wielersport, de renners die een actieve rol voor de partners vervullen, et cetera. Team Earth is een partnership waarin de wielerploeg en haar partners gezamenlijk optrekken om een uniek verhaal wereldkundig te maken.